Claire has an MSc in weight management and has an undergraduate degree in Sport & Exercise Science. Claire is an international presenter, guest speaker and regularly contributes to fitness magazines.  Amongst her many teaching fields Claire is a specialist Pilates trainer and the founder of the STRIDE project, a successful 12-week weight management programme aimed at de-motivated teenagers. Claire also specialises in, pre and post natal fitness, outdoor fitness and weight management style classes. Claire is an assessor and tutor for Drummond Education and a well-respected instructor within the industry.  Claire’s approachable and enthusiastic manner with a thirst for knowledge makes her one of the most up and coming presenters in the UK.

Claire has recently undergone a life threatening illness and subsequently she has undergone 2 major heart operations, 2 smaller leg operations and cardiodiversion. However, this has only fuelled her passion to get back, and help others become fit and healthy. She is writing a number of books aimed at helping specialist populations return back to full health, through clean eating and functional exercise.