Civil Hospital Doctor Beaten by Nurses Over Harassment Claims

Attempts were conducted, and there are no words to explain how low have some individuals dropped after the incident of Zainab went worldwide, there are individuals that are currently using their authority and thinking they can get away with harassment.

1 such case in point is a Civil Act doctor, who was beaten up by nurses, at Mirpurkhas for abuse and to get assaulting them.

The physicians also said he was able to blackmail them and sent inappropriate messages. The physicians require protection and also mentioned that they’re being pressurized.

Among the physicians claimed including sending messages that the doctor was going on with the other nurses at the OT for weekly and this particular behaviour with her. When she confronted him , she had been mistreated by him.

On the other hand, the doctor asserts that he had no such thing, instead, he’d asked them to not put on make from the OT to which they’d ‘assaulted’ him.

That is not all, the nurse shared that the doctor had abused a patient as well previously and he has a history of these improper behavior.   Hospital documents demonstrate that back 2014, the doctor has been accused of sexual harassment.

Upon evaluation by the hospital authorities, found guilty of engaging in improper behavior with a girl. He was then ordered to be dismissed, in a notification.

He got off because of the ‘influential’ authority. Minister of Health Dr. Sikandar Mandhro, requiring note of this incident, said when found guilty, the doctor could be handed from that the strictest punishment.

“In this profession [of serving humanity], these [behaviour] is not enough. We will ensure [if found guilty] he will be awarded the funniest penalty,” Dr. Mandhro informed Geo News. He further said    “we’re liable”, into the doctor’s return despite guilty status.

Video of Nurses Beating Doctor Surfaces on Social Networking

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