Doctor Attacked at Kelowna General Hospital

A doctor was allegedly assaulted by a patient in the emergency section of Kelowna General Hospital Tuesday night.

According to a source, who asked to stay anonymous, the doctor was hit in the face.

“On Tuesday night that there was an episode in Kelowna General Hospital while a doctor was providing care to a patient. We are grateful that no one suffered severe injuries and we have already been in contact with the doctor and impacted employees and will continue to offer aid,” explained Andrew Hughes, KGH healthcare administrator.

“Interior Health has a zero-tolerance coverage on violence. Regrettably, exposure to violent or aggressive behavior is something we’re sometimes faced with working in health care as we’re caring for individuals who are often in emotional, vulnerable, and in stressful situations and their actions might be unpredictable. We are devoted to providing our employees with the environment and resources required to increase safety through structural upgrades, in addition to efficient safety supports.”

IH is now reviewing the circumstances as well as the RCMP are investigating, ” said Hughes.

“At Kelowna General Hospital, we have created structural changes to improve safety, for example, setup of convex mirrors to increase visibility, further card access to secure restricted zones, and detectors in triage that are monitored by safety. We have also undergone extensive renovations on the triage areas to boost safety, for example, installment of nurse-controlled sliding doors along with a counter obstruction between patients and nurses within the triage area,” he explained.

IH has also implemented a new Client Service Ambassador application to further improve safety at three associations, such as Kelowna.

“The CSAs are security employees; however, they’re more casually dressed and are integrated within the emergency department team. They work with patients, staff and visitors from the emergency section to prevent and mitigate incidents of aggression,” explained Hughes.

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