Doctor Dressed As The Joker Delivers Baby

Justin and Brittany were not expecting to have their third baby until November 5, 2017, which would obviously warrant a run-of-the-mill delivery in which the doctor wears scrubs.

However, since it was Halloween, and their doctor was dressed up, Justin knew he would have to share this extra special Halloween delivery with a few other people.

Justin tells LittleThings:

My wife’s due date was November 5, but that obviously didn’t happen. She woke up Halloween morning to her water leaking. We went to the hospital around 12:30 p.m. and checked in. Brittany’s doctor came in to meet with us and check things out.

That’s when we found out he was dressed for Halloween that day, as the Joker. We found it very humorous and [were] a little excited that we would have a baby delivered by the Joker.

In fact, I mentioned to my wife that I should go get some face paint and fix her up as Harley Quinn. Unfortunately, I didn’t! It would have made the story that much sweeter!

He came back in to check on her around 4:00 p.m. that afternoon. She again wasn’t ready. So, he said he was going home to pass out candy and change clothes.

My wife said, “Aww, we would hope that you wouldn’t change.”

Brittany was ready for delivery at 8:00 p.m., so the nurse called her doctor in, and to our surprise, he showed up in full Joker attire, ready to deliver our baby, Oaklyn.

There my wife is, staring the Joker straight in the eyes while delivering our baby — what a sight! I was holding her leg up and snapping pictures!

Needless to say, baby Oaklyn’s delivery was a success — despite the lack of Harley Quinn makeup or attire.

Can you imagine the Joker delivering your baby? At least it wasn’t the Selphs’ first rodeo.

The next morning, he came in to check on Brittany, and he said, “Sorry I couldn’t make it in last night. Glad to see the delivery went well.”

He also gave her a card of congratulations, and he signed it “Dr. Joker.”

Of course, no delivery by the Joker would be complete without an obligatory selfie. Hopefully Justin wasn’t holding up Brittany’s leg for this one.

Congratulations to the happy family and its newest member, Oaklyn! I have a feeling she will enjoy Halloween for many years to come.

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