Here Is the diet and fitness Program regular Folks used to become Panties models in 30 times

These folks might look like panties models, but they’re not. And 30 days before that photo was shot, they didn’t look in this way.


From left to right: Viceroy Creative’s CFO Aaron Bearce, creative manager Gabrielle Rein, account supervisor Raegan Gillette, and president David Moritz

In reality, they were just ordinary folks who worked for a marketing agency and, while they worked out a reasonable amount they ate pretty much what they pleased.

But in only a couple weeks, the girls slimmed down to have as small as 12-14% body fat and also the man had only 5-6% body fat.

And that woman on the left? She had been pregnant only five weeks before the photo was shot.

The trick to their achievement: A low carb, high-protein diet and extreme, professionally-guided exercise, in addition to a few good motivation in their company: they have been requested to be versions in an upcoming photoshoot to their bureau’s rebranding, posing dollar nude.

Why they chose to pose dollar nude  

The 3 extreme dieters operate on Viceroy Creative, a marketing agency who wanted to rebrand itself in a effective fashion last March. As part of the rebranding, they requested some of their key executives to become part of a buzzy photo shoot that will present them totally nude.

The participants had been the firm’s creative director Gabrielle Rein, account supervisor Raegan Gillette, also president David Moritz — that the nude man from the photographs. Mortiz informs AdWeek they consented to the take for that the good of the company and their customers.

Getting model-thin in a rush took a excellent deal of physical and mental endurance, and it’s that sort of diligent dedication that Viceroy desired to convey in their new campaign, Moritz informs Business Insider.


How they obtained rock-hard abs in this short time

Before they began preparing for the shoot, Viceroy’s executives were in decent shape. Still, each worked hard for those final weeks to prepare for the big naked moment. Here’s a picture of a Moritz two decades prior to the training began:

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What David Moritz looked like two decades before he began training with Equinox.

Gabrielle Rein, Viceroy’s creative manager, needed a baby only a couple months before, so the preparation was especially challenging and rewarding.

When they consented to the naked photo shoot last year they gave themselves five weeks to get fit.

For the first four weeks, they completed a series of trainings designed to reinforce their muscles, fortify their cardiovascular power, and boost their metabolism. Here’s the Corporation’s account supervisor, Raegan Gillette, doing one of these exercises:


However, those four weeks of exercises weren’t what finally got them the bodies from the photographs.

Diet was the key to their achievement

“Regardless of how much exercise you do, that is only going to get you part of this way. Concerning seeing abs and muscle definition, then it’s all about diet and lowering your body fat percent. That is very important,” Moritz says.

For the previous four months, the Viceroy executives committed to a grueling diet. The aim, said Moritz, was to cut body fat so that the muscles they’d been toning for the past four weeks would glow.


Each executive ate six meals a day, catered specifically to their needs by a nutritionist. Though every diet was exceptional, the foods mostly consisted of the same kinds of meals, Moritz states, also included a great deal of protein.

“You want [protein] to continue to build muscle,” Moritz explains. “That is a bit greater than 1 gram of protein each pound that you weigh”

For Moritz — that was able to recite the daily diet by heart months after the shoot — that the foods consisted of:

  • Meal 1: 1/2 cup oatmeal, 1/2 cup almond milk, 1/2 cup blueberries, 1 spoonful carb-free protein shake
  • dinner two: 3 egg whites, 1/4 cup plain peppers
  • Meal 3: 3 ounces. Ground turkey, low-carb wrap using a cup of romaine lettuce
  • Meal 4: 3 ounces. Grilled chicken and 1/4 of an avocado
  • Meal 5: 6 ounces. Fish with a 1/4 cup wheat germ rice and 1 pieces of asparagus
  • Meal 6: 6 ounces. Of 99% lean ground beef with 1/4 avocado and 1 cup romaine lettuce
  • No alcohol was allowed and most condiments were banned (with the exclusion of spicy sauce, because it added a negligible quantity of extra sugar or fat)

That is it, every day, for an entire month! At first they had the foods prepared for them with a chef but that immediately became too expensive to maintain, so they began preparing the foods themselves, which necessitated a scale and measuring cups to make sure they consumed exactly what the nutritionist ordered.

Despite consuming significantly fewer calories than he had been used to, Moritz stated he didn’t feel too many unwanted effects in the strict program, apart from boredom out of the meals.

“You don’t feel tired because your body is getting what it requires,” said Moritz.

Moritz pointed out that he had been at about 5% body fat on the day of the photo shoot, which will be close to the bottom a man his age and height ought to be. Body builders have between 3.5 — 5% body fat on competition day.

The number of calories they burned vs. how many they ate

If you add this up, then Moritz consumed about 1,700 calories every day, much fewer than the 2,400 to 2,500 calories he had been burning throughout the afternoon, he informs Business Insider.

As stated by the Mayo Clinic, a man his age and height must be consuming 1,600 calories a day even if they’re attempting to drop weight. He had been pushing the bare minimal.


The girls were eating about 1,300 calories and burning off 2,000 calories every day. For these, the Mayo Clinic estimates that girls in their age and height ranges must eat at least 1,200 calories a day even if they’re attempting to shed weight.

“The program puts you into a relatively significant caloric deficit every day,” Moritz says. “And it forces your body to burn off stored fat”

Along with the diet, the more executives adhered into a grueling physical fitness routine. Each of them worked out every day for one hour and a half seven days a week with the support of specialist coaches at their local Equinox fitness center.

The exercises included extreme weight lifting and anaerobic vascular activities — like walking on a treadmill set with the highest incline — that burned off the majority of the large amount calories they were losing every day. The remainder were dropped through routine daily tasks like walking.

Here’s Gillette doing among the weight-lifting exercises:


The program was not affordable. The nutritionist Viceroy used fees $700 a person to get a month-long program, while an average Equinox Tier 3 coach — the most extreme trainer you can get at Equinox — costs $135 per semester, and every exec was completing several sessions a week during the entire training process.

Moritz says anybody can enter this kind of shape given the patience and time, however.


“While we did this using a great deal of extensive assistance, someone can do it on their own given only a bit more time,” Moritz says. “Follow the identical essential fundamentals and find a means to get very inspired. It’s just all psychological.”

For Moritz and the rest of the team, the incentive that kept them committed was a pretty powerful one:

“Knowing that you are likely to send nude pictures of yourself to as many people as you can makes you stay with it,” he states.

Following the shoot, Moritz, Rein, and also Bearce slowly regained some of their own body fat into a more reasonable amount, however they continued to stick using a modified variant of the diet.

For Moritz, the 5-month program was only a beginning. Considering that the photo shoot, he’s stuck with this (he uses a food-delivery service to stay together with his diet), also at the conclusion of the summer he states, that he suspects he’ll even be in better shape when he had been in March. Rein also kept her beautiful post-baby body, becoming increasingly superior shape even after the training was over, Moritz said.

Here’s what she seems like months afterwards and after feasting on ribs, BBQhamburgers and hamburgers over Memorial Day weekend of this season. She is 31 years old.

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Courtesy of Gabrielle Rein