Logan Actress Elise Neal Shares Her Diet and Fitness Tips for Looking Young in 50

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We are all taking notes.  

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Elise Neal sticks to a rigorous workout routine, whether she’s prepping for a position.

“I started dancing at 6 years old, so gym is something that I really do no matter,” Neal, 50, who stars along with Hugh Jackman in Logan (in theaters March 3), tells PEOPLE. “I train and workout really hard regardless of whether I’m in a movie, or when I need to do anything physical to get a job or not.   I have enjoyed being healthy my entire life”

Neal credits becoming a dancer at a young age with providing her discipline to stay with a daily fitness routine.

“As a dancer, you can do six classes one day, and that’s just kind of the lifestyle,” she says. “Working out an hour or even an hour and a half every day is the standard for me unless it is really, really frantic. I simply enjoy it. I feel much better, I sleep better, I still don’t become angry with people so far better. It assists me to all the way round. I’d like this feeling to continue so that I try my best to keep it up.”


The actress says strength training has become a more essential part of her exercise routine because she ages.

“I think that as you become old, you want to do more weight training,” she says. “My metabolism isn’t simply not the same. My body has the very same issues that anyone who’s getting older has — I’m only more actively hoping to fix it. Everything is achievable, you merely must be prepared to perform the job.”

In addition to strength training, Neal does incline running on the treadmill, squats, sit-ups, dance cardiovascular and Barry’s Bootcamp classes.

When it comes to diet, Neal considers moderation is key.

“I’m still a girl that has been born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, so that I do occasionally still consume meat and things such as this,” she says. “If I’m craving a hamburger, I’m likely to have a hamburger —  I’m just going to work out very hard the next day. But I’m not likely to get five bags of chips or a full plate covered in sauces and foods. I will have a small plate of the things which I like to consume. I really do like salad and that I do eat a lot of fruits of vegetables.”

Along with her healthy way of life, Neal lives by one  skin rule to keep looking young: she constantly removes her makeup.

“To me, that’s the easiest thing you can do to help your skin”

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