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Dr. Castellanos uses a complete spectrum of regenerative medicine to supply individuals pain relief.It is estimated

that more than 100 million Americans are experiencing chronic pain.Chronic pain impacts even more Americans than diabetes mellitus, heart problem and cancer combined. Dr. Ramon Castellanos is wanting to minimize those numbers with his state of the art discomfort management practice in South Miami.Dr.

Castellanos is an Orthopedic Physician as well as is board licensed hurting and rehabilitation.He is a Founder and also Clinical Director at StemCell USA and an Aide Teacher of Neurosurgical Science at Florida International University College of Medicine.His practice is the just of its kind to use a full spectrum of regenerative medicine consisting of stem cells from fat, bone marrow and platelet abundant plasma (PRP ). The workplace additionally makes use of Biologics from placenta, umbilical cord and also exosomes to not only mask pain yet to actually treat it.”The last years has been the most exiting and gratifying experience of my life,”claimed

Dr. Castellanos.” Daily we increase our armamentarium with brand-new cells or Biologics permitting us to take control of painful problems with brand-new treatments.”Stem cells have capability to become various cell enters the body during early life as well as development as well as they can recover and regenerate making them a powerful device in pain management.Biologics are an unique class of effective medicines that can reduce and even stop the development of joint damage.They do not mask the discomfort yet instead target the underlying cause resulting in discomfort alleviation as well as decreased damage.Both treatments are considered extremely safe.Dr. Castellanos has actually done more than 5,500 treatments of stem cell or Biologics as well as has actually not seen any unfavorable side effects.It is known that pain is the result of tissue injury, and typical medication aims to mask the symptoms with meds such as opioids, which are extremely addictive, treatment and also surgical procedure, but just the Biologics as well as stem cell treatment can regrow the tissues and also repair the damage.Dr. Castellanos focus is to treat pain by in fact changing the disease.While he usually deals with patients with degenerative Osteoarthritis of the knee or spine, he is effectively dealing with all sort of pain whether it is cartilage material, tendon or nerve pain. The treatment he uses has actually verified very reliable in the management of long-term pain.Patients that see Dr. Castellanos have normally had their condition formerly medical diagnosis by one more doctor as well as seek him out for pain administration relief however the medical professional re-evaluates all of his person to identify what therapy would

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